Silver Soul

When the untimely death of her husband drives Della Arcola and her sister, Diana, a newly-divorced New York publicist, to seek respite in their childhood home on Martha’s Vineyard, they unexpectedly lose their mother—their Silver Soul whose creamy-sweet lobster rolls and knack for outshining adversity captivated an entire island. To cope, the sisters join forces and open a novelty coffee shop to honor their mother’s legacy with the help of neighborly restaurateur Adam Grey, who bears a frightening resemblance to Della’s departed husband, Nick.

As complications arise with the growing pains of starting over with uprooted children, Adam opens doors for Della she would rather keep shut. But when Della finally begins to warm up to Adam, she finds out a terrible truth about Nick that would change everything.

The Solitaire Diaries

When Tiffany’s gemologist Cay Vitale marries in court to do right by her unborn child, she does so without a diamond ring and winds up internally devastated. To ensure it would not happen again decades later, she carves out of raw grit three two-carat solitaires for her three sons to give to their future soul mates.

As Cay’s skilled obsession with diamonds eventually takes its toll on her marriage to her Marine Master Sergeant husband Clinton, her sons Clive, Chris and Coby grow increasingly torn on whether to classify their mother’s ultimate gift as a blessing or a burden. In the end, all involved must determine what really lasts forever: love or diamonds.

The Lady Leathernecks

When painfully shy Starbucks barista Allyn Kend joins the Marines, she capsizes those who thought they knew her best. The only thing that makes sense is that her fiancé Eliot was already a Lance Corporal. However, when she meets truckstop evangelist Jess Kellerman, Korean linguist Bibi Shim and Palm Beach hotel heiress Syth Sangiorgio at boot camp on Parris Island, her whole concept of whom and what a Marine should be is broken down and rebuilt, along with her own humanity.

Each sister has a secret; but also a thirst to prove herself in battle and in life. But despite grating differences, they realize they need one another to overcome the physical, mental and emotional obstacles that stand between them and the coveted title of Basic Marine or “Lady Leatherneck.” And that is just the beginning!

As each Lady Leatherneck serves with differing intentions, they find out more about themselves and one another through the unique challenges of soldier motherhood, duty, deployments, love and loss. As “Globe” reporter Allyn drafts a feature story on human trafficking, MP Jess makes an unlikely arrest that will follow her for life. Meanwhile, linguist Bibi settles cultural scores with her family while deployed to her native Korea. But nothing is final until ostentatious Syth gets her baby back. Only together could they learn that while the Marine Corps may not be for everyone; it is for more than just one type of person. Combat is Human.

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